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    2160 Major Assignments

    Completion will be defined as at least 50% of the requirements stated on the rubric.

    Reading Response:
    These will be required responses reflecting on themes in the reading, thinking through particular prompt activities, and incorporating some secondary research. Each response will be at minimum 200 words, uploaded via Canvas by at 8 AM on the day of the reading. These responses will also count as a portion of your attendance and participation for the day. Responses may be made up only in the case of excused absences with documentation.

    Midterm Exam:
    This exam will cover material from the first half of the semester. It may include objective information questions, short answer and interpretive questions, skills mastery questions, and brief essay. It will be completed online. Due by 10 pm on the date listed on the syllabus schedule.

    Final Exam:
    This exam will cover material from the midterm to the end of the semester. It will follow a similar format as the midterm exam. It will be completed online before the end of the university scheduled exam period.

    Close Reading Paper:
    This paper will use keywords from African American Studies discussed in class as a lens for understanding one of the novels from the beginning of the semester. This paper will require close reading, analysis and interpretation, and argumentation. The paper will trace the chosen concept through a passage from the novel of your choice and make an argument regarding the purpose of this theme in the novel. The paper will be 800 words at minimum but will not require outside research beyond the keyword. Paper will be uploaded via Canvas by 10 pm on the due date listed on the syllabus schedule.

    Multi-Media Project:
    This assignment will develop an argument regarding one of the guiding principles from the Black Lives Matter movement in multi-media. The project will be evaluated on how creative, compelling, and effective the composition is. The project will also include a 500-word reflection on the authorial choices and effectiveness of execution for relaying the author’s message. Project will be uploaded via Canvas by 10 pm on the due date listed on the syllabus schedule.

    Mapping Project:
    This in-class project will incorporate primary source research and digital humanities. This activity will use mapping software to plot out the journeys that the novels’ characters take in order to spacially understand the plot, setting, and narrative form.

    Class Discussion:
    This course will be dialogue-based, and participation will be understood as respectful engagement with others’ ideas and perspectives and illustration of careful introspection. Students should demonstrate preparation for each class by having the text available, having completed any response or homework required, and engaging active interaction with classmates.